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Bring in the Holidays Season w/

​Chef  Stephanie Guidry's, Home Style Inspired, Prepared Meals


Delivering  to the Greater Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey & Maryland


"Happy Holidays" from team Twice The Spice Caterers!

***Chef Steph G's Fun Cooking Classes***

for all ages 

Call (302)722-7108 to book Chef Steph G. for Personal Chef, Seminars, Workshops and Cooking Food Demos...

Chef Steph G. shares her love of cooking and cleaner eating with food 

from her "Farm" she grows

"Pesticide Free, Fruit, Veggies & Herbs"

Chef Stephanie Guidry is available for

1.Private Cooking Lessons & Wellness Coaching

2. Teen Cooking Club / Life Skill Classes

3. Group Cooking Demonstrations & Wellness Seminars

4. Singles Meet & Greet Hands On

5. Couples Sweet Heart Lessons

*Healthy Infused Life-Style Program*

Teen Cooking Club

fun foods, recipe cards & treat box to take home

Taking reservations for Summer Break

limited space available

The Greater Philadelphia

New Castle County Delaware

South Jersey


"Ladies Night Out"

      sexy food & beverages, recipe cards to take home

"Men Can Cook II"

  comfort food & beverages, recipe cards to take home a delicious meal prepared by you

"Singles on a Sat. Night Out"

Healthy Infused Comfort Food prepared by you, byob & recipe cards

"Sweet Heart Package"

Valentine Weekend

sexy small bites, desserts & byob

"A play on the Newlywed Game"

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